In addition to books by Judson Press, churches seeking stewardship resources will want to check out Adventure in Thanks/Giving. This newly redesigned version of a popular church stewardship resource is a simple and easy-to-use program that invites participants to name the hopes and dreams they have for their church's ministry in the coming year and to share them with one another.

Adventure in Thanks/Giving is directed by three lay leaders of the congregation working together with the pastor. While designed for smaller congregations, it can easily be adapted for those with larger participation. It includes:

  • an all-church dinner
  • the discovery of the three major priorities individuals have for their church
  • testimonies about how God has blessed individuals and their giving
  • an opportunity to estimate giving for the coming year
  • a special Thanks/Giving Sunday
  • and much more!

Available on CD-ROM or as a downloadable pdf.

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Adventures in Thanksgiving
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