Book Table Ministry

Increasingly people are seeking direction, inspiration, and comfort from Christian books, making them one of the fastest growing categories of sales nationwide.

What if your church were to discover the rewards of offering Christian books to its members?

Book Table
  • Extend your message and influence beyond what is experienced on a Sunday morning.

  • Make relevant, inspiring, and practical resources for personal growth easily accessible.

  • Read together as a congregation.

  • Support church ministries with the proceeds from this unique program.


Make “What If” a reality with the Judson Press Booktable Ministry. We make it easy for every church to offer life-changing resources. We offer:

Quality: Judson Press is a leader in Christian publishing with outstanding resources for Christian Living, Women, Baptist Identity, and African American Christians.

Flexibility: Select from hundreds of resources those that are most appropriate for your congregation in the quantities you need.

Financial Rewards: With discounts of 30-40% from Judson Press, sales from your Book Table can support other church ministries.

Convenience for Church Members: No trip to the local bookstore. No waiting for online purchases. No shipping charges.

Support: Judson Press supports your booktable ministry from start to finish with helpful hints, publicity materials, a free display case, and the guidance of trained customer service representatives.

Here’s how it works:

1. Select a minimum of twelve books from our catalog or one of the special theme packages.

2. Return your order form and agreement form. Due to the substantial discounts offered, these books must be ordered on a non-returnable basis. The discounts apply to any combination of titles.

  • 12-20 books = 30% discount

  • 21+ books = 40% discount

3. We will ship your books with a free, attractive display case and a free poster to promote your booktable ministry.

4. Set up your display in an easily accessible and highly visible location. Sell your books at retail cost and support church ministries with the proceeds!

Everything you need to get started is available online.

Download forms and information here, then complete and return them with your book order. And if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 800-458-3766, or by email at

Book Table Ministry Agreement Form

Product lists for our special theme packages

Helpful hints and publicity suggestions

A list of our best-sellers (new releases are featured on our home page)

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