The following Judson Press titles are available for the Kindle, Nook, and/or Christian Book Distributor e-reader.

In addition, Judson Press has a number of "D.I.Y." books which stands for "Download It Yourself." These titles are in a pdf format and after purchase can be simply downloaded and printed out on your computer, or read on your computer screen.

Additional titles are being added regularly in all formats, so check back often!

Title Christianbook.
Kindle Nook Professor's
12 Steps to Congregational Transformation     x x
7 Creative Models for Community Ministry   x    
7 Leadership Imperatives from a Wild Man   x x x
A Baptist Manual of Polity and Practice, Second Revised Edition   x    
A Word for All Seasons: Sermons from Henry Mitchell   x    
Activating Leadership in the Small Church     x  
Addicted to Hurry: Spiritual Strategies for Slowing Down   x    
African American Church Management Handbook   x x  
African Presence in the Bible   x    
African Wisdom: 101 Proverbs from the Motherland     x  
Africentric Christianity: A Theological Appraisal for Ministry     x  
Afrocentric Sermons: The Beauty of Blackness in the Bible     x  
Aging Without Apology     x  
All I Need to Know I Learned Fly Fishing     x  
And Blessed Is She     x  
Autism & Alleluias   x x  
Baptism Ahead   x x x
Baptist Roots: A Reader in the Theology of a Christian People       x
Before the Thunder Rolls: Devotions for NASCAR Fans x x x  
Before We Say I Do: 7 Steps for a Healthy Marriage   x x  
Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling: Equipping and Encouraging Female Pastors   x    
Boomerangs to Arrows: A Godly Guide for Launching Young Adult Children   x    
Caring Pastors, Caring People   x    
Certain Sound of the Trumpet   x    
Christian Education in the Small Church   x    
Christian Educators Guide to Evaluating & Developing Curriculum x x x  
Christian Faith 101 x      
Church Growth from an African American Perspective     x  
Church on Purpose: Reinventing Discipleship, Community, & Justice   x    
Church Programs & Celebrations for All Generations   x    
Coming Together in the 21st Century: The Bible's Message in an Age of Diversity   x x x
Complete Leader's Guide to Christian Retreats x   x  
Connected: Christian Parenting in an Age of IM & MySpace     x  
Craft of Christian Teaching   x x  
Crazy Faith: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives   x x  
Deacons in Today's Black Church   x x  
Discipleship for African American Christians   x    
Distinctly Baptist   x    
Empowering Laity, Engaging Leaders   x    
Exploring Prosperity Preaching   x    
Faith in the Fast Lane: How NASCAR Found Jesus        
Family of God - Student Book   x x  
For Such a Time as This: Young Adults on the Future of the Church   x    
Fostering Faith: Teaching & Learning in the Christian Church   x    
From Jay-Z to Jesus: Reaching & Teaching Young Adults in the Black Church   x x x
Go Down Moses   x    
God in Her Midst   x x  
God's Graffiti: Inspiring Stories for Teens   x    
Good News! Sermons of Hope   x    
The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss   x    
The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss, Leaders' Guide   x    
The Gospel Remix: Reaching the Hip Hop Generation   x x x
Got Style: Personality-Based Evangelism   x   x
Help Wanted: Devotions for Job Seekers   x    
Here I Am: Faith Stories of Korean American Clergywomen   x    
Herencia e identidad: Historia, principios, y prácticas bautistas     x  
Honoring the Generations   x    
Hope for Children in Poverty     x  
How to be the Best Christian Study Group Leader     x  
How to Recover from Grief   x    
I'm a Piece of Work! Sisters Shaped by God x x x  
Intentional Walk: More Devotions for Baseball Fans x x    
I've Been Called: Now What?   x    
Leading Your African American Church through Pastoral Transitions   x    
Left Behind? The Facts Behind the Fiction       x
Let Mt. Zion Rejoice     x  
Letters of Light for First Ladies x x x  
Listen to the Children/Esuchemos a los niños   x    
Making Friends, Making Disciples   x    
Making it Work: Effective Administration in the Small Church   x x  
Making Your Church a House of Healing   x x  
Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples   x x  
Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples: A Leader's Guide   x x  
The Master Carpenter: Devotions for Woodworkers x      
Midlife, Manhood, and Ministry   x    
Millennials in Ministry   x    
Ministry with Prisoners & Families   x    
Missional Preaching   x    
Modeling Mary in Christian Discipleship   x    
Money on Purpose: Finding a Faith-Filled Balance   x    
Morning Meetings with Jesus: 180 Devotions for Teachers x x x  
New Baptist Church Manual x   x  
New Hiscox Guide for Baptist Churches   x    
nuChristian: Finding Faith in a New Generation   x    
On the Road to Emmaus: A Travel Guide through Grief x   x  
Para ser bautistas/Being Baptist   x    
Playbook for Christian Manhood x x x  
Preaching Funerals in the Black Church   x    
Preaching in Plenty and in Want   x    
Profiles in Black: Phat Facts for Teens     x  
Pulpit & Politics   x    
Raising Boys to Be Like Jesus   x x  
Reboot: Refreshing Your Faith in a High-tech World   x x  
Reclaimed: Faith in an Emerging Generation   x    
Rest in the Storm: Self-Care Strategies for Clergy & Other Caregivers   x x  
Rewired: Youth Ministry in an Age of IM & MySpace   x    
Sabor de nuestra fe hispana     x  
School Is Where the Home Is   x    
Simply Salsa: Dancing without Fear at God's Fiesta   x    
Sister to Sister, Volume 2   x    
S'more Time with God   x    
Sorting it Out: Discerning God's Call to Ministry   x    
Soul Fitness with Frederick D. Haynes III   x x  
Speak Until Justice Wakes     x  
Spiritual Practices for Effective Leadership: 7Rs of Sanctuary for Pastors   x    
Star Book for Ministers   x    
Star Book for Pastoral Counseling   x    
Star Book for Stewardship   x    
Steal Away: Devotions for Baseball Fans   x    
Tempted to Leave the Cross: Renewing the Call to Discipleship x   x  
Tending to Eden   x x  
Tentado a dejar la cruz   x    
The Audacity of Faith x x x  
The Flavor of our Hispanic Faith     x  
The Future of the African American Church: An Invitation to Dialogue   x    
The Master Carpenter: Devotions for Woodworkers x      
The New Life, 3rd Revised Edition x      
The Pastoral Caregiver's Casebook, Volume 1: Ministry in Relationships   x    
The Pastoral Caregiver's Casebook, Volume 2: Ministry in Crises   x    
The Pastoral Caregiver's Casebook, Volume 3: Ministry in Health   x    
The Pastoral Caregiver's Casebook, Volume 4:Ministry in Specialized Settings   x    
The Spiritual Art of Raising Children with Disabilities   x    
The Words of Gardner Taylor: NBC Radio Sermons, Vol. 1     x  
The Words of Gardner Taylor: Sermons from the Middle Years, Vol. 2     x  
The Words of Gardner Taylor: Quintessential Classics, Vol. 3     x  
The Words of Gardner Taylor: Special Occasion and Expository Sermonds, Vol. 4     x  
The Words of Gardner Taylor: Lectures, Essays, and Interviews, Vol. 5     x  
The Words of Gardner Taylor: 50 Years of Timeless Treasures, Vol. 6     x  
The Work of the Associate Pastor   x    
The Work of the Bivocational Minister x   x  
The Work of the Chaplain   x    
The Work of the Greeter x x x  
The Work of the Trustee   x    
Those Preaching Women: A Multicultural Collection   x x  
Tis the Season: Church Celebrations for Advent & Christmas   x    
To Serve This Present Age: Social Justice Ministry in the Black Church   x    
Together for Good: Lessons from Fifty-Five Years of Marriage     x  
Urban Disciples: A Beginner's Guide to Serving God in the City       x
Violence among Us: Ministry to Families in Crisis   x x  
Vital Spirit, Vital Service   x    
What Makes You So Strong?   x    
What to Expect When You're Accepted: An African American Christian's Guide to College     x  
What We Love About the Black Church   x x  
When the Spirit Moves   x    
Where Jesus Walked   x   x
Word, Water, Wine and Bread   x    
Worship on the Way   x    
Youth Ministry in the Black Church: Centered in Hope   x    
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