Violence Among Us
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Pages: 176
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ISBN: 9780817015152
PubDate: 2007

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In the Christian community, one in every four women experiences family violence. As the awareness and incidence of domestic violence increase, however, pastors find themselves ill-equipped to deal with the crisis.

Violence Among Us offers readers:

  • Practical help in identifying abusive situations
  • Strategic counseling tips        
  • Case studies and models of effective ministry to both the victim and the perpetrator
  • Resource lists which include domestic violence hotlines and shelters, faith-based organizations, abuser treatment programs, and information on legal and safety issues

Visit our Webinar page to access recordings of our three part webinar series on domestic violence.

Editorial Reviews:

"In my estimation, the church has been silent for too long on this subject, and it’s time we make a course correction. Violence among Us: Ministry to Families in Crisis shoves us in the right direction. Bold, brave, and clear in their resolve, Brenda and Paula offer hope, healing, and direction for those who hurt and those who help. You may or may not agree with everything they have written, but one thing is sure—it is the best work to date available. I have no doubt that God will use their words to help save many individuals and families. Read and be blessed." —Dr. Tim Clinton, LPC, LMFT, BCPCC, President, American Association of Christian Counselors

“Here is a book that exposes the well hidden secret of abuse within the home – yes, even the Christian home!  As a pastor I have long ago concluded that those of us in leadership must create an atmosphere where victims can safely tell their story and get the help they need.  My prayer is that this book will be widely read and be used to give mothers and children the courage to go for help rather than suffer the long term consequences of abuse.  And those who read this book will be ready to provide a helpful response when the need arises.” —Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, Senior Pastor, The Moody Church, Chicago, IL 

“The pain of domestic violence cries in silent sobs in our homes, schools and colleges, social groups, and even churches and Bible studies. Violence among Us tunes us into the cry of the ‘broken and hurting’ and provides the ‘action plan’ we need to respond effectively.  This book is a great resource for anyone who is involved with a group of people; e.g. teachers, pastors, small group leaders, and even parents. It is a must read for every authority figure that sets policy and the procedures for responding to crises; e.g. police, pastors, principals, social workers, and crisis intervention workers.” —Eileen Warren, CADC III, CCSI, MW2A Counseling, Inc.

"Based on years of experience, both personal and professional, Brenda Branson and Paula Silva have written an honest, uncompromisingly truthful book on domestic violence that reaches a complex audience (abused, abusers, church, pastors, counselors, neighbors and friends of the abused, and Christians everywhere) in the most educational, comprehensible, and practical of ways. The value of this document cannot be overemphasized; besides being enlightening and convicting, it is inspiring and motivating. It is also a great resource in its basic education, its psychological insight, and its appendixes rich with titles, websites, and treatment programs." —
Dr. Rosalie de Rosset, Professor of Communications and Literature, Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois

"It would be easy to think that the increasing level of domestic violence in America, and unfortunately in the Christian church, is a problem too big to solve and that we might as well call it quits, give up and wave the white flag of surrender to this deplorable and tragic reality. However, in this book, Brenda and Paula reduce the problem down to bite size pieces so that even regular people like you and me will discover that, 'Hey I can do this. I can make a difference. I can help save someone.' This is not a read and shelve kind of book; this is a 'read and do' kind of book." —Steve Dresselhaus, Pastor of the La Paz de Cristo Church in La Paz, Mexico, Director of the La Paz Women's Shelter, TEAM Missionary

"Are there warning signs of domestic violence in your church? This book will highlight these signs and help bring families together." —Rev. Ronald L. Siegenthaler, Executive Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

"I have known Brenda Branson and Paula Silva for many years. They have a track record that is unexcelled when it comes to understanding the issue of domestic abuse. I always have found their work to be impeccable and their insights to be intelligent. Violence Among Us: Ministry to Families in Crisis is no exception. I highly recommend it to pastors, women's ministry directors, Sunday School teachers and any layperson who cares about the families around them who, often behind closed doors, are imploding with abuse. Someday, we all will give an account for what we have done in this life, so may we be educated and responsible in our response to the victims of abuse and their abusers." —Jan Silvious, author, Foolproofing Your Life

"These two courageous, vulnerable, godly women are calling the church to speak into the world of abuse with the reality of Christ.  And this book helps equip the church to speak well.  The church has many callings.  This is one that is too often neglected.  Read this book, VIOLENCE AMONG US: MINISTRY to FAMILIES in CRISIS, and let it stir you to action." —Rachel Crabb and Dr. Larry Crabb, author and Spiritual Director for AACC

"Your book is the best resource I've ever seen on the subject. Such helpful information, especially for the church as a whole…" —Rosie Hughes, M.A., L.P.C.

"Reading this book is like taking an intensive course on addressing domestic violence; a great deal of substance is compacted into a relatively small volume. The authors do an outstanding job of taking a reader without firsthand experience of abuse into the mind, body, and spirit of the abused, as well as that of the abuser. The feature that makes this book a stand-out is the comprehensive ready-to-use resource section. This book qualifies as a must-read for every pastoral, counseling, social work, or education student." —The Christian Librarian, 2008



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