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Table of Contents, Introduction and Preface
"Authenticity and a New Generation of Disciples" by Russell Rathbun, in The Christian Citizen, Vol. 2, 2011

A number of recent books have looked at Christianity’s image problem among those who were born in the late twentieth century. Young adults today see the church as:

  • hypocritical
  • judgmental
  • sheltered
  • overly political

Young adult pastor Russell Rathbun responds to these perceptions with a challenging invitation to be transformed—from unChristian to nuChristian—by taking seriously the critique of a new generation. Where other books bring Christianity’s image problem to light, nuChristian: Finding Faith in a New Generation addresses the issues with practical ideas for church leaders who seek to reach today’s young adults with a Christlike community that is:

  • Transparent
  • Holistic
  • Loving
  • Engaged
  • Just
  • Humble

Pastor Rathbun invites us to move beyond statistics and defensiveness to hear a new generation’s critique and to be authentic about who we are as flawed human beings saved by a gracious God.

Editorial Reviews:

"I am convinced that if we lose a generation in the church, that loss won't be because we failed to entertain them, but because we failed to dare them -- to take the words of Jesus seriously and to do something about the things that are wrong in the world. Russell Rathbun offers us that dare -- to renew a Christianity that reminds the world of Jesus again." —Shane Claiborne, author, activist, and self-proclaimed recovering sinner

"If you are a mature believer who likes to think and be challenged (both ways) then reading a book like this will be good for you. Some bits will encourage you and challenge you positively, others will make think long and hard about your beliefs." —as reviewed on the blog, Feeding the Five Thousand. Read the entire post here.

"nuChristian is a welcome addition to the books that seek to bridge the gap between Christians and post-modernity." --as reviewed on the blog, On the Bema in Ballston. Read the entire post here.

"I have read many books on the subject, and Rathbun offers one of the most insightful and easy-to-understand introductions and explanation of postmodernism that I have read. I recommend Russell Rathbun's insightful and intriguing work, not only for clergy or academics, but for anyone worried about the future of the church, experiencing the changes in culture, and wondering what it might mean to live faithfully - and authentically - as a Christian in today's world." —Kristopher Norris, Congregational Formation, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (read the complete review on the Cooperative Baptist blog)

"There were several brilliant moments in the book where Russell put concepts into words with a clarity I envied." —Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy, as reviewed on her blog, up/rooted. Read the entire post here.

"Russell Rathbun realizes that this book is not meant to be an answer to the problem. But it is meant to be another voice in the conversation." --Danny J. Bixby, as reviewed on his blog. Read the entire post here.

"Rathbun asks all the right questions and whether you agree or disagree with them, the issues dealt with are vital to the church's effectiveness and relevance in today's society. I highly recommend this book." --Steve Bedard, as reviewed on the blog, Cassiciacum. Read the entire post here.

"This book is a response and a continuation of the conversation begun in unChristian. It is a hard look at the issues raised there with deep reflection on Scripture and the ministry experience of a talented pastor of an emerging church. I did not agree with everything but all the right questions are asked and I highly recommend this short but useful book." --as reviewed on Apologia Resources

"Russell is a great guy and a very good writer, and this new book, while short and to the point, carries a great message." --Mike Clawson, as posted on his blog, Emerging Pensees.

"The book is practical, pastoral, and conversational and based largely on Russell's experience in the post-modern world." --as reviewed on The Pinkhammer. Read the entire post here.

"[Rathbun's] making a compelling case in a book that is the perfect length and the perfect breadth for someone who senses that there's something lacking in our conventional churches, but can't quite put their finger on just what that is." --Mike Stavlund in his blog, Awakening. Read the entire post here.

"I think the true value of this book is that it provides a quick and easy introduction to some basic theological differences between more 'orthodox' theology and that held by many of my generation. It does so without criticizing any particular theological stance or breaking things down too greatly, but it does provide sufficient substance to provide a good foundation for further thought and conversation. I would enthusiastically recommend this to any pastor that is seeking to understand the 'innovative' theology of younger folks that she/he ministers (or wishes to minister) to, and who doesn't already have a strong background in the topic." —as reviewed by Amy Moffitt on the blog "Without a Map." Read the entire post here.

"nuChristian is a great little under 100 pages this is a quick read but packed full of thought-provoking ideas." —as reviewed on Young Lives. Read the entire post here.

"I have found this book to be such a great and easy read, and motivating. It is full of great stories and practical examples." —as reviewed by Mark Knisley on the Cross Pointe Community Church worship blogsite. Read the entire post here.

"With fresh philosophy and new ideas to stay true to Christ and one's beliefs, nuChristian is a read worth considering for a new generation." —Wisconsin Bookwatch: November 2009

"Filled with stories both from the Bible and from Rathbun's faith-filled life experiences, nuChristian actively engages the reader and gets the wheels spinning."—as reviewed by Rachel Gilmore on The Gilmore Girl's Blog

"This is a good book for young adults looking for new ways to worship and for youth pastors wanting to connect with the young Christians they serve." —Congregational Libraries Today, 2010

"An important book for Christians to read." —Outreach magazine, March/April 2010. nuChristian was identified among the Outreach Resources of the Year.

"Provocative...Thoughtful...Rathbun writes from solid biblical foundations and years of experience." —YouthWorker Journal, March/April 2010




nuChristian was named among Outreach Magazine's Top Resources of the Year. Read the press release.

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