The Audacity of Faith
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J115
Pages: 192
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817015541
PubDate: 2009

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This rich and passionate compilation offers sermons and essays from religious leaders across the Christian landscape, all reflecting on the historic 2008 election of Barack Obama as 44th President of the United States of America. Editor Marvin A. McMickle asked contributors:

1.     Does a black man in the White House signify our arrival in the Promised Land—or do we still have a long way to go in pursuit of liberty and justice for all?

2.     To what extent might Barack Obama’s election represent a fulfillment of Martin Luther King’s dream?

3.     What words of prophetic challenge can we offer to President Obama?

The book features dynamic preachers:

  • Tony Campolo
  • Carolyn Ann Knight
  • Gardner C. Taylor

Respected scholars:

  • Dwight Hopkins
  • Anthony Pinn
  • Leslie Callahan
  • Emilie Townes

Esteemed pastors:

  • Brad Braxton
  • Otis Moss II
  • Gina Stewart
  • Otis Moss III

And popular authors:

  • Marvin McMickle
  • William Willimon
  • Philip Yancey
  • Leonard Sweet

These racially, politically, and theologically diverse Christian leaders offer a breadth of opinions and responses to Obama’s election. Join them as they view the impact of this momentous event through distinctly Christian eyes.

Judson Press apologies for the erroneous statement included in the biographical blurb for contributor Rev. Dr. Derrick Harkins. President Obama and his family have not yet made a decision to become official members of a local church; 19th Street Baptist Church is believed to be just one of the congregations the Obamas are considering.

Editorial Reviews:

"The Audacity of Faith is a moving collectionof thirty-three sermons and essays by an ethnically diverse company of Christian leaders from the pulpit and the academy. This multifaceted collection enriches our views of the ways in which the Obama presidency has addressed the role of Christian faith in political life and motivated Christian work in the world."—Anglican Theological Review, Summer 2015

"There is always a danger of misplaced hope -- in Obama, in America, in Wall Street. This book dares to walk the fine line of celebrating the historic moment of Obama's election, while also maintaining the deepest Christian conviction that our 'hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.' It is my prayer that the words of this book will move us beyond the arrogance and meanness of partisan politics and into a new conversation in post-religious-right America. May we insist on a political imagination that is as prophetic, counter-imperial, subversive and peculiar as our Lord Jesus who blessed the poor, stooped to wash feet, and got killed loving his enemies." —Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution and Jesus for President ,

"Now, four years hence a different book might be written. We may need to be more prophetic, holding a president that we placed great hopes in to a higher standard. But for now, this series of essays and sermons sets us on the right path. The writers remind us that there is a divine agent afoot, and the President has the choice of whether to follow along or reject that leadership. And we as the people of God need to attend to our business of praying for and holding a President accountable to the faith he professes. Reading it will surely bear important fruit, not just for citizens, but for people of God – whether or not they are big Obama supporters." —Bob Cornwall, pastor, Central Woodward Christian Church, Troy, Michigan, and editor of Sharing the Practice (Academy of Parish Clergy)

"In The Audacity of Faith, Marvin A. McMickle has brought together a diverse and talented group of voices to reflect on the election of the first African American president of the United States. One can get inspired, informed, and indicted by reading the brief essays in this book. While one is cheered by the hope that President Obama's election has brought to our country, one is also reminded by these essays that we have not yet reached the promised land and that God's work is still ours to do." —Walter B. Shurden, Minister at Large, Mercer University

"Recommended as a contemporary voice on the intersections of politics and religion." —Library Journal, July 2009

"The Audacity of Faith is of strong consideration to any collection discussing modern Christian issues." —MBR Bookwatch: August 2009

The Audacity of Faith was named one of two daily religion book picks by Jim Agnew's Literary World (8/28/09).

"A very readable compilation of thought-provoking writings for preachers, pastors, persons of faith."—Homiletics, Vol. 34, No. 2 (2009). Read the entire review

"This volume is one filled with food for thought and thoughts for sharing in small group conversation, church newsletters and general opinion based literature. It is a must-read for any conscious trained or armchair theologian, preacher, and scholar." —Circuit Rider, Winter 2009-10

"Barack Obama's election to the presidency means many things to many different people, but what does it mean to Christianity? The Audacity of Faith is of strong consideration to any collection discussing modern Christian issues." —Midwest Book Reviews, August 9, 2009

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