Listen to the Children/ Escuchemos a los niños
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PubDate: 2011

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Conversations on immigration are more often politicized than humanized. This unique resource brings human realities to life as it invites the reader to eavesdrop on fictionalized* conversations between immigrant parents, their children, and their caregivers. Both warm and practical, Listen to the Children offers unique insight into the emotions and perceptions of immigrant families:

  • How and why do adults make the decision to emigrate from their homeland?
  • How does the separation affect children?
  • What challenges does eventual reunification of the family bring?

Pastor, educator, and immigrant advocate Elizabeth Conde-Frazier explores these and other questions and shows the reader how to support these children in our churches, schools, and communities. Bilingual: Spanish/English.

*The stories in this book reflect common experiences shared by actual immigrants. Names and specific details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals and to render the experiences more universal.

Padres, pastores/as, educadores/as y líderes en la comunidad son invitados a escuchar a escondidas estas  conversaciones entre padres, hijos y guardianes.  Este recurso práctico y sensible a las necesidades emocionales y cultura de las familias ofrece una perspicacia a las emociones y percepciones de las familias inmigrantes.

  • ¿Cómo es que los adultos toman la decisión de inmigrar desde su país de origen a una tierra desconocida y por qué?
  • ¿Cómo son afectados los niños por ésta separación?
  • ¿Qué retos confrontan las familias en el proceso de reunificarse?

Explore estas y otras preguntas con una pastora y educadora Elizabeth Conde-Frazier quien ha trabajado con y abogado por familias indocumentadas.  Bilingüe: Inglés/Español

Editorial Reviews:

En español

Listen to the Children stands as a clarion call for all the stakeholders in this conversation to transcend rhetoric and demagoguery and to capture the heart of the issue: the voice of immigrant children. Without a doubt, Elizabeth exposes the narrative of the community most impacted by the current polarized reality while simultaneously offering hope—hope embedded in the least of these.” —Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals

“Lost in the rhetoric in the media and the political posturing over immigration are the most vulnerable victims of its harsh realities: the children. With a wise pastoral touch, Conde-Frazier highlights the complex challenges these young ones face as they seek a way forward in a strange land. We need to put a human face on those who live in the shadows! This book is a timely guide in that direction.” —M. Daniel Carroll R. (Rodas), PhD, Distinguished Professor of Old Testament, Denver Seminary and author of Christians at the Border: Immigration, the Church, and the Bible

“This poignant, practical, and pastoral guide to ‘listen to the children’ of immigrant families provides excellent real-world examples of the lives of children and their parents facing the struggles and opportunities of ‘the American dream.’ The section on raids and their effect on children is heart-rending—a must-read for all! Parents and caregivers, including clergy leaders, will find guidance and insight in this timely volume. Would that immigration officials would read it as well!” —Efrain Agosto, PhD, Academic Dean and Professor of New Testament, Hartford Seminary

“Conde-Frazier’s book puts faces and voices to the children who live in the midst of the challenges of immigration. She has listened carefully and with deep respect, and she provides crucial practical advice for families struggling with the impact of immigration—as well as for all the rest of us who want to be truly present to them. Jesus taught that we are to care for each other, but especially for those among us who are most vulnerable. This book will give you concrete and welcoming ways to do so—whether you and your family face the challenges of immigration yourselves, or you are supporting another family who is. Please read this volume—and then share it widely!” —Mary E. Hess, president, Religious Education Association; Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota

“Dr. Frazier speaks to the issue of immigration brilliantly through the eyes of children. Her insight into their lives helps to frame the most critical issue of our time. The immigrant children that Elizabeth writes about will determine our future as a nation. Listen to the Children should be required reading for educators, pastors, legislators, and business leaders. This book is must reading for every American who cares about the future of our nation.” —Rev. Stan Perea, Executive Director, Asociacion para la Educacion Teologica Hispana (Hispanic Theological Education Association)

"Listen to the Children does a great job of highlighting why we must include human needs and human rights into the immigration debate.  Dr. Conde-Frazier gives you a vividly clear picture through conversations between parents and their children about the difficult decisions, risks and hardships immigrant families have to go through before and after deciding to move to the United States. Coming from an undocumented immigrant family myself this book would have been of great help to me and my family as it also offers great advice on how to deal with the difficult transitional phases of moving to a new country." — Alonso Chehade, alumni 2009, University of Washington; Founder, Dreamers for Positive Change

“Elizabeth Conde-Frazier’s wise and graceful book is a welcome voice in a debate that seems to grow only more shrill with time. Here one finds the compelling stories behind the statistics, the flesh-and-blood families behind the facts. While politicians often trade in fear and misinformation, Conde-Frazier lets immigrants speak for themselves, especially the children so acutely affected by experiences beyond their control. The result is a book of profound insight and humanity that will challenge readers to set aside assumptions and stereotypes and to listen—really listen—to immigrant families and what they can teach us.”—Debra Dean Murphy, assistant professor of religion, West Virginia Wesleyan College; author, Teaching That Transforms: Worship as the Heart of Christian Education

"Elizabeth Conde-Frazier presents a unique perspective on the effects of immigration and U.S. immigration-policy on children and families and suggests concrete ways that social service providers and faith-communities can support immigrant families.  With the current political tension surrounding immigrant issues, immigrant families need welcoming and supportive host communities.  Conde-Frazier’s book is a wonderful resource for organizations that have worked with immigrant families for years and for organizations that may be wrestling with how to respond to growing needs in their communities. For all service providers and faith communities, “listen to the children” is sound advice for beginning or continuing the process of discerning how best to serve and support any community." —Caitlin Sandley, Organizing and Education Coordinator, Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama (¡HICA!)

"Elizabeth Conde-Frazier has written a compact, bi-lingual book that goes a long way toward addressing the human face of immigration and the nuts and bolts challenges families face in trying to adjust before, during and after the often traumatic journey that over a half million economic refugees make each year to find work and hope in the United States." —Pat Marrin, Celebration editor. National Catholic Reporter Publishing Co.

"Children's lives are directed by adult decisions and national policies, and their voices are seldom heard. By inviting us into these 'conversations,' Conde-Frazier not only offers us a more empathetic and nuanced understanding of a complex issue but also calls us to 'create spaces of worthiness and equality for every human being.'"—Heidi Unruh, as reviewed in PRISM Magazine, May/June 2011

"With the insight of a counselor and the sensitivity of a mother, the author covers a wide range of topics." —inMinistry, Spring 2011

"The writing is clear and relationship-driven. [Elizabeth Conde-Frazier] gives solid, practical advice on what to do and what questions to ask when a family is struggling. She emphasizes how the love of Jesus and prayer can completely heal a broken family." —Ellie Soderstrom as reviewed in Christian Library Journal, June 2011 (rated 4 = "Good, definitely worth reading")

"Listen to the Children is an excellent and much-needed addition to the literature on immigration, and gives immigrant children a new, clear voice that rises above the political and social conversations." —as reviewed by Elizabeth Millard for Foreword magazine

"Dr. Frazier did an excellent job in painting a very clear picture of the immigration from the child’s perspectives.  She also presents a very strong challenge to the role of the church." —Efraim Espinoza, Director | Office of Hispanic Relations, The General Council of the Assemblies of God

"Listen to the Children is a primer about what social justice can look like in an arena where so much injustice occurs on a daily basis in our culture. [It] offers practical wisdom in a simple, readable package that can tune our ears to understand and respond well to the whispers, laughter and cries from immigrant voices – voices that are an essential part of American life." —reviewed by Michelle van Loon for Englewood Book Reviews, Volume 4, #16.5

"Makes evident the real pressures that many undocumented Hispanic immigrant parents & their children face. "—Journal Latin American Theology, Fall 2011

"Elizabeth Conde-Frazier gives a unique and compelling voice to this too-often forgotten sector of our population." —Dandy Davidson,University of North Florida, editor for The Morning Eyes and CSMS Magazine

"Practical and responsive" —Episcopal Teacher, Fall 2011

"Listen to the Children has been a powerful resource for Esperanza Church. We used it during preaching and teaching time for Sunday morning worship throughout Advent. Let me share with you some of the highlights and blessings we experienced..." Read more —Rev. Miriam Mendez, Pastor, Esperanza Church, Portland, Oregon

"Dr. Elizabeth Conde-Fraizer, a distinguished scholar and preacher, paints a gripping story...Every page, each family anecdote, reinforces God’s guidelines governing Israel’s relationship to immigrants." —Dr. Willie O. Peterson for Unity in Christ Magazine


Listen to the Children: Conversations with Immigrant Families was a Finalist for Foreword Review's Book of the Year Awards 2011 in the category of Family & Relationships.

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