Help Wanted: Devotions for Job Seekers
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J195
Pages: 128
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817017231
PubDate: 2012

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Everyone facing vocational transition could use a little help.

This inspirational volume provides 60 days of encouragement and advice for job seekers and career changers. Using Scripture verses, practical suggestions, and honest anecdotes, the author seeks to strengthen faith and renew hope during the job hunt. A perfect gift book for new graduates facing a challenging job market or for a loved one who is unemployed or seeking a new opportunity.

Among Basko’s 60 engaging and inspiring devotionals:

  • Fun at the Fork in the Road
  • Elevator Speech
  • Ask, Seek, Knock
  • Put Down Your Roots
  • Joshua was no Chicken
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Random Townspeople
  • Clear Your Throat
  • Help Wanted: Lion Tamer

Editorial Reviews:

"Aaron Basko provides both the scriptural and practical foundations necessary to achieve career discernment and job search success. Help Wanted: Devotions for Job Seekers is spiritually powerful as well as highly practical. No one should go through the challenges of life alone, and Basko and this excellent handbook ensure you will have the support you need to move beyond your often self-imposed fears and limitations." --Nick Synko, Principal Partner,, Founder,

“We love it! This book is just the companion a Christian job seeker needs for the journey to find the work God has created for each of us. The personal stories are alive and effective in drawing readers to the Source of comfort and encouragement. The practical guides in One Small Step for Today challenge the reader to apply practical and necessary discipline. These are the steps that make the journey an adventure and draw us closer to God’s perfect and unique calling in our lives.” —Craig Simons, Business Coach and Volunteer Leader at RUMC Job Networking (, and Katherine Simons, Author of Loving Your Neighbor: A Faith Community’s Response to the Unemployment Crisis (

"In this extraordinary volume Aaron Basko  has crafted a holistic process of reflection, action and spiritual development that could serve us all in the life-long pilgrimage of finding the right fit for our daily work." —R. Paul Stevens, Marketplace Mentor and Author of The Other Six Days, Doing God’s Business,  Taking Your Soul to Work, and Work Matters

"For those who may be feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and discouraged in the search for a job, this book of devotions is a reminder that God knows what you're going through and that, no matter how things look right now, the Lord still has a spectacular plan for your life. Without sugar-coating the experience of being unemployed, Aaron Basko offers Scripture, stories, and small steps to encourage you along the journey as you anticipate what God has in store.” —Deidra Riggs, ideator for JumpingTandem (; managing editor for; contributing writer for

"I recommend this book to students, especially those of Christian faith, seeking work in a world where personal and corporate financial pressures are all too common. Aaron Basko’s devotions offer helpful inspiration and information simultaneously.”  —Wendy J. Hagn, Franklin College

"Losing a job is a highly stressful and emotionally draining experience. Many job seekers find support and solace from prayer and Scripture. Now there's also Help Wanted: Devotions for Job Seekers, a wonderful guide to Scripture that is both uplifting and enlightening for those in "job search mode." I particularly like the One Small Step for Today after each biblically based devotion, which adds practical action steps to the entry’s spiritual guidance.  A terrific new resource for Christian job seekers!" —Sue Kaiden, Career Consultant, CareerEdge, LLC

"As a human resources professional, I am mindful of how hard it is to search for a job in today's economy. I also know how important it is to have daily encouragement and support during any job-seeking journey. Therefore, I love this book! Basko has provided job seekers with a collection of inspirational and encouraging devotions. This book is a must-have companion for anyone looking for employment. The One Small Step sections, included with each of the 60 devotions, provide tangible and specific tools to guide and energize the job seeker. This book will serve as a helpful resource for anyone, whether seeking their first job or needing a new employment opportunity." —Laura Miraz, PhD, SPHR, Human Resources Director, American Baptist Home Mission Societies

"Aaron Basko believes there is more to the job search process than crafting winning résumés, spending hours on job search websites, and polishing your interview skills. In fact, Basko believes it’s 'really the search for God’s fingerprints on our lives and hearts.' Thought-provoking, encouraging, and challenging, Help Wanted offers much-needed spiritual perspective for job seekers desiring to deepen their relationship with God on the journey toward employment."—Chris Lutes, Editor, Men of Integrity devotional guide

"There are plenty of books out there that will tell you how to perfect your CV and perform at interview, but this book goes one step further, it challenges you to consider whether you're applying for the job you're meant to be applying for rather than the job you think you should be applying for...In taking a closer look at yourself, you'll also find yourself assessing your relationship with God and in doing so it will give you a completely new, rejuvenated approach to your job hunt." —Lizzie Avey, for Spriteby's Bokhylle

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