7 Creative Models for Community Ministry
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PubDate: 2013

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Check out Joy's article, "Building Community Through Arts Ministry" in Faith and Leadership magazine, Duke Divinty School, Duke University

A practical guide for church leaders seeking to engage their congregations with the community, offering step-by-step instructions on 7 ways to structure transformational community ministry.

Joy Skjegstad first outlines processes for learning about the neighborhood, assessing gifts and passions within the church, and finding a good fit between congregation and community.

7 Creative Models:

  1. Donate Goods or Money
  2. Mobilize Volunteers
  3. Partner with Another Organization
  4. Advocate around Public Policy
  5. Engage in Community Organizing
  6. Develop a Ministry Program
  7. Create a Church-based Nonprofit

Each of the Model chapters features examples of churches that have implemented the model, with advice on strategies that worked and pitfalls to avoid. Subsequent chapters tackle how to:

  • Choose the right model for your church
  • Recognize success in your ministry
  • Fund the new ministry
  • Do community ministry in the small church

Building on extensive writing already done on missional church strategies and community ministry, this book is a good next read for pastors and church member alike who are ready to take specific steps to implement a community ministry strategy.

Editorial Reviews:

"7 Creative Models for Community Mnistry is a nimble, practical manual for churches investigating or birthing a community-based ministry. Joy demonstrates an extensive portfolio of experience in the nonprofit sector and church-based ministry and blends this with case studies of various community organizations to form the foundation of this book. Overall, the book serves as a practical introductory overview for individuals and churches considering ways to engage their neighborhoods."--Hans Tokke, Director of the NonProfit Management Program, Eastern University’s School of Leadership and Development. Read the entire review here.

"7 Creative Models serves as a thought-proving, perspective reframing introductory text.  In Joy Skjegstad's approachable prose, she invites churches to hear and see their communities anew.  The book is best kept close at hand, consulted frequently all along the way. The testimony of community ministry-minded churches reminds us we are not alone in such work. For congregations wishing to embrace their communities more intentionally, the fruitfulness and dividends of reading this text may be frankly immeasurable.."--Rev. Jerrod H. Hugenot, Associate Regional Minister, ABC New York State, as posted on his blog Preaching and Pondering

“The denomination I am connected with has intentionally called on its churches to live out the call of our heritage to be people of compassion, mercy, and justice within their communities. As the call is heard, I am often asked, ‘Where do we start?’ I now have a tool to hand them. Joy’s book speaks out of her extensive work with churches in community development. It gives a very practical outline on how a congregation can discern God’s call for ministry beyond the church’s four walls and have direction on how to fulfill that call, step by step. Thank you, Joy, for writing a book for such a time as this.” —Harold C. Spooner, President, Covenant Initiatives for Care, The Evangelical Covenant Church

“Books are often called tools. But many of them don’t work very well because they are written by theoreticians for theoreticians. Not so with this book. Joy Skjegstad has once again provided a tool that works for those on the ground, for church practitioners. Based on her own ministry experience, as well as on interviews with many church leaders around the country, Skjegstad offers practical ways in which congregations can engage their communities with the gospel. This is not just another resource; it is a tool in the best sense of the word for those who want to make a difference in the lives of the poor and the broken.” —Al Tizon, PhD, Associate Professor of Holistic Ministry, Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University; Author of Missional Preaching; Copresident-elect, Evangelicals for Social Action

7 Creative Models for Community Ministry will help churches cross the bridge from vision to action. Following up on her long track record of practical, positive training resources for church and ministry leaders, Joy Skjegstad presents an array of choices that affirm each church’s unique gifts, calling, and context. With its encouraging tone and abundant real-world advice, this book will help any church say yes to its community ministry dream.” —Heidi Unruh, Congregations, Community Outreach and Leadership Development Project, and Coauthor of Hope for Children in Poverty: Profiles and Possibilities

“There are myriad books on nonprofit management, many on faith-based organizational development, a few on developing effective church-based community ministries, but none as comprehensive as Joy Skjegstad has written here. In this very accessible resource, she brings her extensive knowledge, first-hand experience, and passionate commitment to frontline ministry. Joy lifts up the potential and does not shy away from the challenges of doing community ministry. Congregations, large or small, seeking to make an impact in their communities will find answers to their questions and concerns as well as principles and practices that go a long way to transforming lives and communities.” —Michael A. Mata, Community Transformation Specialist, Compassion Creates Change, Inc.

“7 Creative Models for Community Ministry by Joy Skjegstad is the best book that I have read on the subject. It is a must-read for churches who want to do more than meet, eat, and greet on Sundays. The how-to-do-ministry models by the rich diversity of ministry experts is  priceless.” —J. Alfred Smith Sr.,  Distinguished Professor of Preaching and Church Ministries, American Baptist Seminary of the West

“With a firm belief in the church’s ‘unique position to make a real difference’ and with 20+ years of experience in community ministry, Joy Skjegstad writes a comprehensive yet easy-to-follow guide for reestablishing the relationship between the local church and its host community. At a time when the church has a much quieter voice in the community, Skjegstad challenges the church to reclaim its voice. Built around 7 models for community ministry, she offers something for any congregation seeking to make a difference in their community. Filled with examples and helpful questions, Skjegstad’s book is a handy resource for your congregation.” —Sam Brink, Minister of  Church Resources, American Baptist Churches of Wisconsin 

“What I love about 7 Creative Models for Community Ministry are the practical and flexible suggestions in every chapter. Ministry leaders need to purchase and read this book—and then, apply the helpful suggestions and practices in your context. And, for real transformation, use these practices as the strategies to share the Greatest Gift and to tell the Story That Changes Everything.” — Peter A. Meier, Executive Director, The Center for United States Missions, Irvine, CA

"This book is packed full of helpful information, hints and What-you-will-need lists. If you or your church are looking for ways to reach out to your community or already are involved and want to improve how you are doing, I highly recommend this book."— Dan Istvanik, Youthworker.com

"Joy Skjegstad is a true treasure of experience and knowledge in nearly all things regarding community outreach. Through these models and the many tips, the church certainly will be more effective and better equipped to be a blessing to the community."Brenda Seefeldt, founder of Wild Frontier.org and youth minister at New Covenant Fellowship Church in Manassas, Virginia

"I found this book to be excellent. It is extremely thorough and exceedingly practical. This is a fine how-to manual that will take you through the steps from beginning to end, allowing your youth to make a significant impact on the world around them."Jeff Crosby, Rochester, New York

Wow. Every church should have this around to spark new imagination, realize options, consider how best to take up new ministries.  Joy is a seasoned church-based community organizer and understands "mercy ministry" and other classic sorts of social services. She has written some very helpful and specialized books on this stuff for the Alban Institute and here she takes the best models she's seen and describes ways to do service, volunteerism and advocacy in the community (and how to fund them.)  There is nothing like this in print -- very, very useful. –Byron Borger, Hearts and Minds

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