Boomerangs to Arrows
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J185
Pages: 160
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817017125
PubDate: 2013

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Are you raising a boomerang child? Take this evaluation to find out.

In the face of high unemployment rates, rising costs of living, economic recession, and the present generation’s general malaise, many parents feel obligated to offer prolonged housing and financial assistance to young adult offspring. But as time passes, how can these boomerang children be transformed into arrows loosed from the parental quiver?

Based upon an in-depth study of Psalm 127, Boomerangs to Arrows empowers parents to prepare themselves and their adult children for the time when those kids must be launched into independent, grown-up lives.

Chapters include wisdom for:

  • Age-appropriate discipline
  • Negative character traits
  • Attitudes of entitlement
  • Moving out
  • Extenuating circumstances (e.g. financial issues, job loss, etc.)

This book is a great resource for parents and caregivers struggling to be supportive while challenging dependent children to become self-sufficient and responsible young adults.

Editorial Reviews:

“Boomerangs to Arrows is a valuable resource for parents who desire to help their grown children build a successfully independent life that reflects God’s purposes for them. Sharon Norris Elliott understands the challenges that parents of grown children face in today’s world, and she has woven a fascinating tapestry of family dynamics with her arrow vs. boomerang analogy. You will find Sharon’s insights biblically sound, convicting, and also encouraging. While not specifically addressing the role of grandparents, they also could benefit from reading Boomerangs.” —Cavin T. Harper, Executive Director, Christian Grandparenting Network,

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