Streams Run Uphill
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J212
Pages: 160
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817017439
PubDate: 2014

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"Where streams run uphill, there a woman rules." Ethiopian proverb

There is struggle in an uphill endeavor, but miracle in its very existence. There is something off-putting and hard to swallow about it, true, but also something undeniably compelling.

There's a growing segment of "Other" clergywomen -- non-Anglo women of diverse cultures and ethnicities who serve in congregations that may or may not look like them, women with stories of struggle and triumph in their work and ministry.

In the candid book Streams Run Uphill: Conversations with Young Clergywomen of Color, author writer, editor, and pastor Mihee Kim-Kort artfully brings together diverse narratives to encourage, educate, and equip clergywomen wrestling with identity, authority, and the uphill struggle against racism, sexism, ageism, and other ministry challenges.

Key features:

  • Offers encouragement to women interested in ordained ministry, as well as congregations who are being led by clergy women of color
  • Reminds readers of the promise of God and that even through the struggle, no one journeys alone
  • An excellent resource for young women of color who are discerning ministry as their vocations as well as seminarians, professors, and clergy


Editorial Reviews:

"These are stories that every Christian needs to hear. To read the words of these women who are living out their calling in the face of enormous challenges is simultaneously heart-wrenching and exhilarating. Here is the very Spirit of God moving in the Church, seemingly against all odds. Here are streams running uphill that we simply can’t ignore..."--from Cooling Twilight blog. Read the entire review here.

"Mihee Kim-Kort relies on the insight of numerous women of color whose cross-cultural experiences have enabled them to identify many of the obstacles uniquely positioned for women who must also navigate the challenges of racism. With a goal of encouraging, supporting, and advocating for women of color (p. 1), Kim-Kort places community at its center, knowing that by sharing one’s story, others gain inspiration knowing they are not alone.

Weaving together threads of personal narratives, Kim-Kort adeptly addresses issues of cross-cultural navigation that extends beyond the challenges associated with sexism. For example, she brings to light questions of tokenism and ageism, language and code-switching, affirmative action and mothering. For each of these unique aspects of experience, Kim-Kort provides the space for women to speak honestly and openly about what has enabled them to be successful ministers and where they have failed."—Kendra Weddle Irons, Executive Council, Christian Feminism Today

"I recommend this book first to all clergy women. The voices and experiences shared in this slim volume bridge our spatial divides and reminds each woman that she is not alone. I also recommend this book to every male pastor, as this book will open your eyes to the issues faced by your female colleagues. Buying this book will invite the essential voices of clergywomen of color into your life, a conversation vital to the future of pastoral ministry."—from Krista Dalton blog. Read the entire review here.

"Streams Run Uphill is challenging, especially for those who occupy traditional positions of power in the church. The book is uplifting, especially for those whose voices have been silenced and whose backs have been forced to carry heavy burdens. The book is welcoming, especially for those who are daunted by the “journey of otherness” at the heart of the Christian life, as one author puts it. Most importantly, the book is a wonderful, hopeful glimpse into the future of the church."—Adam Hollowell, Ph.D., Duke University Chapel 

Streams Run Uphill beautifully tells the story of women in pastoral ministry who, despite the disappointing, yet unsurprising obstacles placed before them, find their voices in pursuit of the call that God has placed on their lives. These are stories that are brilliantly shared, showing us the heartbreaking reality that women are still marginalized in pastoral ministry because of gender, age, race, and ethnicity. But by the grace of God and the tenacious unction that drives them forward, these young women of color demonstrate the plan of God’s kingdom: that women are also called to rule. And in that, my hope and heart soar.” —Rev. Dr. Debora Jackson, Executive Director, The Ministers Council, American Baptist Churches, USA

“Inspiring and illuminating!

Mihee Kim-Kort dives deep to raise the vibrant voices and passionate perspectives of young clergy women of color. From these storied streams emerges a current of being claimed by God, converted to call, and connected to community. Such an uphill-running current—a stream that runs up hill—is never easy to follow. It is often painful, but always ending in God’s promise, God’s presence, God’s provision and ultimately in God’s ever unquenchable love. I highly recommend this refreshing resource. Plunge in!”—Rev. Patricia P. Hernandez, National Director, American Baptist Women in Ministry and Transition Ministries ABCUSA

“As its title suggests, Streams Run Uphill is a collective narrative, each story running into the other, shaping and being shaped by its companions, each gaining momentum even as it struggles against the current. The reader cannot help but add her own story to the movement. A critical read for anyone serious about the clergy and the congregation in the twenty-first century.” —Rev. Lauren Ng, American Baptist Churches, USA

“With clarity, vibrancy, passion, and compassion, Mihee Kim-Kort skillfully weaves together stories shared by young clergywomen of color. Lifting voices often dismissed, muted, or ignored, she opens for us a world of experiences that mainline denominations have missed. By confronting the interlocking issues of racism, sexism, ageism, and classism through the voices and experiences of clergywomen of color, Mihee provides the church with the opportunity to face our brokenness and to ‘get it right.’ This book is a must-read for all who are serious about dismantling barriers still preventing clergywomen from equity in and access to pastoral ministry.” —Rev. Christine A. Smith, Pastor and Author, Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling: Equipping and Encouraging Female Pastors

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