Journey With Jesus Through Lent
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J246
Pages: 128
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817017774

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Practical, prophetic, and inspiring, this unique resource will transform your congregation’s experience of the Lenten season by following in Jesus’ footsteps on the road to Jerusalem and the cross. The book consists of seven weeks of meditations, including Bible readings for Holy Week. Each week open with a spiritual theme for the week: Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving, Bible Study, Service, and Gratitude.

Every day’s devotion begins with a Scripture reading from the Gospel of Luke and an African proverb or other saying, followed by a meditation and concluding with a biblical prayer focus. Distinctive among Lenten devotionals, this work includes meditations for Sundays, which feature group discussion questions for church school or Bible study use and an invitation to personal action in the week ahead. Also includes Scripture readings for Holy Week!

Editorial Reviews:

“In Journey with Jesus through Lent, Pastor Porter provides us with a much-needed playbook for serious spiritual renewal. While this volume is offered for Lent, it’s an inspiring book that can be utilized perennially by anyone who has a hunger and thirst for fellowship with God.” —Bruce Smith, Pro Football Hall of Famer

“During the season of Lent, the Christian’s sense of excitement and anticipation grows more easily as we reimagine the love of God experienced through our prayerful participation in the spiritual disciplines. Prayer, fasting, almsgiving, scriptural study, acts of service, and gratitude all play an integral part in how the community of faith comes together to repent, relive, and renew its commitment to the Risen Christ and the joy of his resurrection power. In this groundbreaking devotional Rev. Dr. Glenn Porter carefully leans upon the testimonial wisdom of Luke’s Gospel and his own pastoral experience to offer a practical resource for the modern-day Lenten observer. Whether you are the lead pastor of a church, the head of a Christian education department, or an individual who simply desires to immerse yourself more deeply in the contemplative traditions of the Christian faith, you’ll discover that Journey with Jesus through Lent is a timeless resource you can trust as you look to become inspired anew by the radical faith of Jesus during the Lenten season.”  —Rev. Dr. Christopher Michael Jones, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Hillside, and Visiting Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Administration, New Brunswick Theological Seminary

Journey with Jesus through Lent will challenge your life and strengthen your spirit. Glen Porter’s intriguing invitation into the Holy observance of Lent offers a relevant and contemporary understanding of the Lenten tradition through the practical the lens of the African American religious experience.” — The Reverend Canon John T. W. Harmon, Rector and Pastor, Trinity Episcopal Church, Washington DC

“Glen Porter’s Journey with Jesus through Lent is a brilliant spiritual resource. It is also a practical help for reading the Bible and offers real insight into human experience. I caught myself wanting to read ahead into the next day's lesson.” —Rev. Dr. Henry H. Mitchell

“In Journey with Jesus through Lent, Dr. Porter has on offering an important devotional resource for the individual as well as for congregational study. In the "journey" from Ash Wednesday through Resurrection Sunday, the reader is engaged by an academically astute, socially conscious and spiritually challenging work that encourages the reader to reflect and act. As such, this is truly a worthwhile resource for contemplating as well as practicing the themes of the Lenten season.”— Rev. Dr. Patrick Jones, Pastor, Bethany Baptist Church, Montpelier, VA and The Center For Lifelong Learning and Leadership (CL3)

“It is with great joy and excitement that I recommend this book to our churches and individuals who want to grow in their faith pilgrimage as Christians. I am personally inspired by this work. As Lent is the journey toward the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, this book takes us through all the corners, highways, and sometimes narrow trails, but surely to the great event: the Resurrection!

“In light of the current issues that our country faces today, the book provides a prophetic combination of personal devotions with group discussions, calling us to self-examination and to transformative action. African proverbs and sayings make this magnificent work very much at home both individually and collectively as a Body of Christ. This is a precious tool that God places in our hands, and I will never thank enough our brother, Dr. Glenn Porter, for taking his time to give us this treasure.” —Rev. Dr. Eleazar O. Ziherambere, Area Director for Africa/Director for African American Mission, American Baptist International Ministries

“In every season, one needs, in some way or form, a guide for the journey. Glenn Porter points the way for the Lenten season through a journey with Jesus toward Jerusalem and the cross. With substance, Dr. Porter illuminates the depth of the Spirit and reveals the deep Spirit in substance. The journey takes you from conviction to celebration as you walk with Jesus through prayer, study, meditation, fasting, sacrifice, service, and gratitude. The insightful work will lead you from heartache to hallelujah and I invite all to take the journey.”  —John Kinney, PhD, Dean, Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology; Senior Vice President, Virginia Union University

"This book is a must read for all those who seek to strengthen their faith and spiritual disciplines by setting aside time for reflection on Jesus Christ, his suffering and his sacrifice, his life, death, burial and resurrection." — Dr. Ervin M. Scott, Pastor, New Rose of Sharon Elim Baptist Church, 55th President, Tidewater Metro Baptist Ministers' Conference of Virginia

"Journey With Jesus Through Lent" is an inspiring and uplifting ensemble of devotionals. Dr. Porter's epistles of faith, energize the soul and give fresh insight on the redemptive power and ministry of Jesus. Great for personal devotions and for ministry study groups." — Rev. Barbara D. Turner, Second Baptist Church, Roselle, NJ, Christian Writers Ministry

“What an insightful, thoughtful, and well researched work. It answers many of our questions about journeying with Jesus through the season of Lent. I appreciate the introductory statements and definitions before I sink into the meat of this work. What a journey, plying through educational and enlightening instruction to finally, powerful and prayerful inspiration.” —James M. Harrison, Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches of the South

“My friend, mentor, and former pastor Dr. Glenn Porter has done a masterful job weaving current events, church history, and an exposition of the Gospel of Luke into a challenging and soul-stirring devotional. I would recommend it to anyone serious about drawing closer to Christ during the season of Lent.”  —Chris Lassiter, author of You're Grounded and forthcoming children’s book, Grits and the Grimels. 

“Using Christian history, cultural heritage, Holy Writ, and internal reflection, Dr. Porter has handily laid a path that’s conducive to our spiritual formation. Individuals and congregations, all can benefit. Enjoy the journey.” —Rev. Dr. Bernadette Glover, Senior Pastor, Saint Paul Baptist Church (Montclair, NJ), and Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship at New Brunswick Theological Seminary

"Very Inspiring......." —Vanessa Green


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