Bring the Full Tithe
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 0320
Pages: 111
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817012304
PubDate: 1995

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Table of Contents

In this dynamic sermon series, Dr. Watley convincingly shows the biblical foundation for tithing. Speaking from his own life and ministry, he testifies to the transformation that results when people offer their full tithes to God. Readers will see that churches can begin to fulfill their potential when members respond to God’s goodness by returning to God a tenth of their time and income.

Addresses many questions including:

  • What does the Bible say about tithing?
  • Does tithing mean you will prosper and be free of debt?
  • What do you mean that I don’t own what I earn?
  • Do you give out of a sense of duty or love?
  • How can I give when I have so little?
  • Is tithing possible only for perfect Christians?

Inspiring, challenging, and Bible-centered, these sermons fully explore the concept of tithing. Drawing lessons from the experiences of such biblical personalities as Jacob and Esau, Abram and Lot, Cain and Abel, and Paul, and exploring the teachings of Jesus, Dr. Watley calls Christians to remember the greatest gift of all—God’s own Son—and to respond in love and gratitude.

Editorial Reviews:

“William Watley meets tithing head on in 15 first-rate, biblically-based, theologically-sound sermons. . . .Tithing is a difficult topic for preachers and congregations. Watley handles it beautifully with new insights, great stories, and a clean and succinct writing style. Watley. . .shepherds preachers through the homiletical minefield of congregational stinginess.” —William J. Carl III, Homiletics

“Illustrative of the writer’s skill as writer and preacher, he presents a wealth of human interest situations in which tithing has brought order, gratification and growth to those who have chosen to tithe. He doesn’t hesitate to deal with the usual arguments against the practice of tithing.” —Norman A. Nelson, Executive Director of The Layman Tithing Foundation

“It is positive and hopeful and employs a home-made common sense that is appealing.” —Rev. Dr. Beth Pendleton Clark, Congregations, The Alban Journal

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