Call Waiting: God's Invitation to Youth
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 1215
Pages: 96
Size: 5" x 7"
ISBN: 9780817014810
PubDate: 2005

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Table of Contents

Call Waiting is designed to help older youth understand the nature of call, explore personal giftedness, and identify ways to walk in faithfulness to a unique and unfolding calling. The authors answer critical questions including:

  • What is "call?"
  • What is the relationship between my talents and interests and God's call on my life?
  • What is the relationship between career and calling?

Drawing on biblical stories of call, their own experiences, and the experiences of adolescents they have known, the authors provide numerous and varied examples of how persons have identified, struggled with, and ultimately fulfilled their callings. Designed for both personal use and group work, Call Waiting provides an appendix for leaders, with outlines for use in weekly gatherings or retreat settings. Each chapter includes reflection questions and journal space to help users engage in a personal journey toward discovering God's call in their lives.  

Editorial Reviews:

“The format of Call Waiting is a useful tool for small group study and may be especially helpful with high school seniors who find themselves in the desert of vocational wandering. Also helpful are the “Reflection Points,” one sentence blurbs encapsulating the points of the chapter. The reflection questions also pose interesting, and sometimes probing, discussion points. Finally the Appendix for Leaders, complete with a ready-made retreat outline and additional resources, makes this a must-have vocational resource for youth ministers and leaders, as well as youth, searching for 'calling' advice.” —Jody Long, Minister of Youth, FBC, Macon, GA, Mercer University The Baptist Studies Bulletin

"This is an excellent book to use for individual study or youth group Bible study. The authors define 'the call' and make it applicable to daily life." —Precious Times, Spring 2007

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