Heart of a Shepherd: Meditations for Pastors
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 3812
Pages: 203
Size: 5" x 6"
ISBN: 9780817013448
PubDate: 2000

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List Price: $10.00
Web Price: $8.00


Heart of a Shepherd is a challenging, practical, and down-to-earth volume of devotions for men and women in ministry. Written when she was a new pastor, author Angie Best-Boss shares a candid, anecdotal look at ministry through her own experiences and reflects upon the relevant principles that affect all pastors. Each devotion begins with a brief Scripture text and concludes with a word of encouragement to seek God in the matter at hand. Best-Boss covers topics from family to faith and from money to meetings in these 100 devotions that are sure to bring comfort and reassurance. Heart of a Shepherd also includes a Scripture index.

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