7 Leadership Imperatives from a Wild Man
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 0642
Pages: 128
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817015282
PubDate: 2008

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This book seeks to examine the characteristics of a person who lived a life that was exemplary yet enigmatic; productive yet puzzling; a charismatic and a curiosity…” —from the Introduction   

Drawing from the life and character of the biblical “wild man,” John the Baptist, author Joseph Robinson establishes seven imperatives in this concise and practical leadership resource. He establishes a common language and universal framework for discussing leadership in any setting.

From this unique perspective, Robinson offers the reader:

  • Seven distinct leadership imperatives: be sure, be focused, be humble, be discerning, be complementary, be uncompromising, and be encouraged
  • A look at these characteristics in today’s leaders, from Mother Teresa to Michael Jordan, from Pastor Tony Evans to Coach Tony Dungy—as well as characters from movies such as Mr. Holland’s Opus, In the Heat of the Night, and Coming to America
  • A vision for developing individual leadership skills

Suitable for use in both the Christian and corporate setting, 7 Leadership Imperatives from a Wild Man provides a new vision for leadership in the 21st century.

Editorial Reviews:

"I do not know of any other leadership advice / self-help book that takes this rich, more seriously mutual, and uplifting approach. For that matter, I'm not aware of anyone else's leadership books that stick to GOSPEL scripture as the inspiration for each principle. I found this book refreshing, and the range of examples and quotations all-embracing. I also like your web pages with their positive, encouraging tone." —George P. Meese, PhD, Professor of Rhetoric, Eckard College, St. Petersburg, FL

"Through a resource that is part instruction, part practical guide, and part sermon, Robinson is clearly in command and has his eye on the leadership target throughout. I highly recommend this book for all who are interested in developing leadership in their church and in their personal journeys." —Cleophus J. LaRue, Professor of Preaching and Worship, Princeton Theological Seminary

“The message of this book is simple but practical! It contains leadership principles which can be applied to virtually every area of ministry in the church.” —Rev. Charles R. Meile, Jr., Senior Pastor, The Greater Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Harrisburg, PA

“An enlightening, empowering and enjoyable read! Joe Robinson has performed the work of a superb archaeologist. Using his rich experience as a spade and his academic knowledge as a shovel, he has unearthed golden nuggets of truth in his seven vital principles of leadership development from a Biblical perspective. A must read for both pastors and lay persons interested in discovering principles that lie embedded in New Testament persons such as John the Baptist.” —Rev. Charles E. Mock, Chairman, Home Mission Board, The National Baptist Convention, USA. Inc., Nashville, TN

“Cutting through the mystique and mania surrounding the cult of leadership, Joe Robinson looks to the ‘wild man’ at the origin of Christianity, John the Baptist, as an exemplar of seven very straightforward yet profound imperatives that provide a foundation on which one can develop effective leadership capabilities. This engagingly written short book offers inspiration along with sound advice for leaders in the making in any walk of life.”—Dr. Theodore H. Poister, Professor of Public Policy, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

"[Robinson's] commonsense approach to both life and Christianity is rather refreshing...the book uses Scripture applications correctly, provides motivational stories, and is written on a level that anyone from a high-school dropout to a college graduate will find entertaining and uplifting." —Church Libraries, Summer 2008

"...valuable insights that are going to stick with me for a lifetime. The tone of the book made it very easy to read and the author translated biblical principles into real life situations and gave lucid examples of how to apply things." —Roy Galloway III, Attorney At Law, Harrisburg, PA

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