The Master Carpenter
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 1977
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9780817015299
PubDate: 2008

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Read the Foreword, Preface, and Introduction

Weekend woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers will find inspiration, perspective, and even bits of humor when they sit down with The Master Carpenter. Each chapter offers:

  • Scripture reading
  • Devotional
  • An apprenticeship challenge

The Master Carpenter is the perfect gift for the Christian woodworker in your life!

Author Hugh Poland shared his craft and his book at the International Christian Retailing Show in Orlando, FL in July 2008.


Editorial Reviews:

“Hugh Poland is the master of parable. His words are brilliant, connected, and timely. His stories captivate the mind and inspire sleeping questions about Jesus and how he can grace our lives each and every day…Every library and woodshop should have this book! Keep The Master Carpenter close at hand for daily reflection and inspiration as you seek to apprentice yourself to Jesus.” — Scott Phillips, woodworker of The American Woodshop on PBS

“Hugh Poland does an exceptional job of connecting faith and life in Christ to every aspect of woodworking...Woodworkers will appreciate Hugh’s creative and thought-provoking approach in providing daily lessons that lead us, as apprentices to the ultimate master, as we strive to become more like the one and only savior, Jesus.” —from the Preface by Bob Hunter, Tools & Techniques Editor, WOOD Magazine

"For faithful woodworkers, Hugh Poland puts devotions in the language of the shop. Whether he's comparing praying hands to a dovetail joint, a 1/16" drill bit to a mustard seed, or living a Christ-centered life to sharpening your tools, he has provided woodworkers with another tool for crafting the plan the Master Woodworker has for their lives. Tons of Scriptural references and quotes, along with Poland's insights, recharge a woodworker's spiritual batteries with a power even greater than lithium-ion." —Joanna Takes, Senior Editor, Woodworker Journal

"In The Master Carpenter, Hugh Poland crafts a bridge between common woodworking terminology and scriptural references to help us remain connected to our spiritual frame." —Kay E Pomroy, founder of “The Reaching Down Project,” owner of K E Pomroy Custom Woodworking

"Poland's creative approach and humorous woodshop terminology appeal to all readers. He spills some tool-time chuckles, but sweeps up with serious shoptalk from God's Word. Retailers may confidently suggest The Master Carpenter as a gift..." —CBA Retailers + Resources, August 2008

"Poland's work reveals his close relationship with the Master Carpenter. He does not delve into esoteric questions but hews closely to his mark of dealing with practical lessons in faith, spiritual growth, and integrity." —Richard S. Barnett, author

"Before you reach for your power saw, reach for The Master Carpenter: Devotions for Woodworkers..." —Armchair

"Whenever anyone creates anything by hand, heart and soul are poured into their creation. The Master Carpenter: Devotions for Woodworkers is a look at the spiritual side of wood working, containing much spiritual information to inspire readers to put their souls into what they craft. Combining the wisdom of Christianity with the meditation of woodworking, The Master Carpenter is solid choice for any Christian who takes after the craft of Jesus Christ." —Midwest Book Review

"This is a great read for growing Christians and a good source for devotional offerings for a crafts club or men's group." —Congregational Libraries Today, 2009

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