School Is Where Home Is
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J169
Pages: 192
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817016968
PubDate: 2011

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An estimated 2 million children are homeschooled in the United States. This is a devotional for those dedicated parents.

Mellott’s 180 anecdotal devotionals explore specific homeschooling issues and present biblical truths to guide parents through challenging times. Themes include:

  • Homeschool Basics—fundamentals such as obedience to the call, prioritizing, decision-making
  • Homeschool and You—how homeschooling affects the primary educator (and vice versa)
  • Homeschool and Family—juggling parenting, marriage, education, and domestic life
  • Gifts We Give Our Children—intangible gifts, from a godly heritage to freedom to pursue their dreams
  • And A Child Will Lead them—discovering life and faith though our child’s eyes
  • Spiritual Vitamins: inspiration for Christian life, addressing fear, faith, prayer, and more
  • Faith of Their Own—intentional discipleship that nurtures children in their own faith

School Is Where the Home Is presents a unique blend of the practical and inspirational for today’s homeschooling parents.

Editorial Reviews:

" These short, relevant, and meaningful chapters cover 180 days – enough to get you through a full year of school! Each devotional offers a question to ‘dig deeper”, and starts out with an appropriate Scripture verse to help you with any attitude adjustment that might be necessary. A topical index at the end, and a short list of useful internet sites after the introduction round out this helpful resource. This book will make a great gift for the homeschooler in your life!  It’s reasonably-priced, and also available on Kindle."—As reviewed on To read entire review, click here.

"Like all good books of encouragement, Anita’s draws out spiritual lessons from the everyday events that arise in the process of homeschooling. We all can identify with these stories. Accordingly, we can all benefit from the spiritual insights and encouragements she draws out of each episode. The lessons are written with a light touch but are able to connect each of us with that which is truly profound." —from the foreword by Dr. Michael Farris, Chairman, Homeschool Legal Defense Association

"The devotions found in School Is Where the Home Is are exactly what my homeschool days need! Anita opens the door to her home and heart to share soul-stirring wisdom for how God can transform your homeschool journey into all that the Lord longs for it to be—both for you and your children. Whether you’re new to homeschooling or a veteran, these devotions will lighten your load, brighten your mood, and heighten your awareness that God is with you every step of the way." —Amy Wallace, author of the Defenders of Hope series and homeschool mom of three, navigating high school, middle school, and elementary school with a smile—most days

"With clarity and sincerity, Anita Mellott leads the reader through a series of short readings and reflections which become more than just a time of devotion, but spark powerful and relevant thoughts on how we can be the best parent we can. Her heart as a mother, her dedication as a wife, and her years of experience combine in humility and insight. Not your typical collection of daily devotions, School Is Where the Home Is offers any parent a simple contemplation on the things that really matter." —Andrew Pudewa, Institute for Excellence in Writing

"In Anita Mellott's book, we get a glimpse of God's provision, wisdom, encouragement, and love all wrapped up in a daily devotional that is sure to encourage the heart of every homeschool mom who reads it. Anita encourages readers to listen for God's gentle whisper and to see the Lord in every aspect of homeschooling--from child training to math lessons. You'll be blessed and encouraged in your homeschool journey by the wisdom that is found in the pages of this unique book. —Heidi St. John, thebusyhomeschoolmom and

"I was excited when given the opportunity to read Anita Mellott’s debut book, School Is Where the Home Is.I’ve known Anita for several years, and she speaks from a heart that deeply loves God and His Word. As a former homeschool mom of seventeen years, I’ve seen my share of devotionals, but this one is set apart in its richness. It’s filled with insights, wisdom, and encouragement." —Cindy Woodsmall, New York Times best-selling author of When the Soul Mends

"As a homeschool mom, Anita Mellott understands the everyday struggles and triumphs of homeschooling families. She knows the unique issues they face because she's been there. I look forward to seeing her share more of her writing with the Christian homeschooling community." —Jonathan Lewis, Editor, Homeschool Enrichment

"Anita feels more like a friend who shares triumphs and struggles, successes and failures rather than a woman who has conquered homeschooling, parenting or marriage. If you are struggling or concerned about homeschooling or even parenting you may find support and encouragement in this devotional series. I haven't homeschooled a day in my life, and my children are grown, but I still found pages to dog ear to revisit."—reviewed by: Kelly Klepfer for (June 14, 2011) and 23, 2011)

"This devotional hits all the spots for homeschooling parents. You'll find yourself laughing at times or even wondering if Anita, perhaps, has been a fly on your wall. Her stories are ones we can all relate to, and she weaves Biblical truths right into your homeschooling days." —as reviewed on the blog "Step," June 16, 2011

"I would recommend School is Where the Home Is for any homeschool parent, old or new. It comes with great advice and relatable stories. It’s easy to read and the short devos make it convenient, as well as useful." —as reviewed on the blog "Growing Your Homeschool," June 20, 2011

"As a writer, pastor, husband, and father, I am thrilled to use this devotional for my family. My wife and I would recommend this book to every family that wants a great devotional that offers encouragement for the homeschool journey. I am very glad to encourage all homeschoolers to add this tool to their daily routine." —Larry Timm, as posted on

"The devotionals in this book are soothing, motivating, and energizing--and many brought me to tears as I remember stops along my own homeschooling journey." —from Write this Way, 7/25/2011

"I've read devotional books for homeschoolers before. This is one with meat. Mellott is candid about her own experiences as she shares thoughts on communication, purpose, flexibility, annoyances, customization, heritage, prioritizing, failure, and much more."—Naomi D. Musch

"I do not usually read devotional books, but I enjoyed School is Where the Home Is. On several days her theme hit my need for the day. I could relate to most of the anecdotes from my own twenty-plus years of homeschooling. Mellott’a application of Scripture was good with no verses stretched beyond their real meanings. I recommend this book, especially for parents who have not homeschooled long and for those who do not have a support group or nearby friends who homeschool." —Debbie W. Wilson,

"Anita Mellott shares from her heart and her life experiences in this 180-day devotional for parents. Although written with homeschool families in mind, practical applications can apply to other situations and all can glean from her how-to-live-a-godly-life advice. An added bonus comes from her international perspective of growing up in India and those stories provide the flavor of another culture." —Mary Ann Hake, president of Oregon Christian Writers

"I shy away from adding new products during the summer – which of course is peak season for the homeschool world. However, this devotional was so good that I broke my own rule. In School Is Where the Home Is, Anita speaks straight to the heart of homeschooling moms, new and experienced alike, reading them like a book."—Lindley Rachal, owner, R.O.C.K. Solid, homeschool curriculum retailer

"I can't say enough about this little 180-day devotional book for homeschool parents...Each section is a thought-provoking look at some of the different situations we face as homeschoolers and some God-perspective on the subject. I am so excited about this book! I love all the stuff out there for the kids, but sometimes we, the parents or grandparents that are doing the homeschooling, need to be fed too...Please, if you are homeschooling your child or thinking about homeschooling your child, do yourself a favor and indulge in this little devotional for yourself. It will be better than chocolate!" —The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

5.0 out of 5 stars Encouraging Devotional, October 13, 2011

"I highly recommend this devotional to parents seeking encouragement in homeschooling or parenting. Mellot's anecdotal and honest stories not only warm the heart, but challenge readers to persevere in child rearing. Each devotional is firmly grounded in Biblical principals and is written in a conversational manner. Although I'm a mother of preschoolers, I found myself encouraged in my parenting stage, for Mellot writes universal parenting truths that transcend the homeschooling situation."—Joy Malik, as posted on

"Author Anita Mellott is transparent in these brief yet powerful articles. By candidly sharing her own doubts, failings, struggles, and fears, she gives hope to us regular homeschool mothers that we, too, can overcome by faith.  Through her sincere, humble desire to grow through home discipleship, she illustrates God’s plan for our families." —Lea Ann Garfias, Director of Product Reviews for Home Educating Association

"I've been looking for a devotional book just like this. God is using you in a special way!" —Joyce Nichols, in an email sent to the author

"A wonderful reminder to focus on what is truly important in our homeschool day. Anita shares God’s Word while tackling some of the biggest issues that homeschoolers face.  Each devotional has a unique topic or influence.  She discusses feeling different from others, using our time wisely, and encouraging our children.  The devotions are not long, which is a huge help for busy moms.  Each day of school can start right with a quick quiet time using this devotional book of encouragement. School is Where the Home Is provides a positive note to read when homeschool moms need one the most!  I loved it!" —Lee Binz, The HomeScholar

"A devotional that inspires and feeds your very soul. It will give you reassurance, guidance, and confirmation that homeschooling your child is the correct choice for you.  It is a great gift to any parent, or anyone who is engaged in teaching children." —Reviewed by Kathy B. for Reading Room

"Perfectly ministers to the heart of a homeschool parent."—as reviewed on, Sept. 16, 2012

"I love how author Anita Mellot is able to take stories from her own life as a homeschooling parent and draw out nuggets of truth that inspire, encourage, challenge, and transform!" —as reviewed on Mama Jenn, September 18, 2012

"Within this 180 devotional book you will truly find something that will help you with your day as a homeschooling parent.  I mean literally every day!  Anita covers happy times, sickness, difficult days, and your questioning days."—as reviewed by Meg on Before It's News, Sept. 19, 2012

"Anita has used her years of homeschooling experience and compassionate heart to provide parents with the small daily nudges they need to guide them towards a more Godly family." —as reviewed by Lisa Renee on, September 19, 2012

"Within this 180 devotional book you will truly find something that will help you with your day as a homeschooling parent." —as reviewed by Meg at Homeschoolin Mama, September 18, 2012

" You will be both challenged and encouraged while reading this book." —as reviewed by Laurie at, September 19, 2012

"School is Where the Home Is is written with a deep simplicity in which Anita quickly and simply illustrates a scriptural truth that applies to our attitude and approach to homeschooling. It’s also comfortable and conversational, which makes it easy to read." —as reviewed by Amber at on September 19, 2012

"Not only does School Is Where the Home Is contain encouraging, uplifting messages for the spiritual and emotional aspects of homeschooling, but it addresses the practical issues that home educators face, offering tips for overcoming academic hurdles and ideas for developing our kids’ talents." —as reviewed by Chris at WeirdUnsocializedHomeschoolers.comon September 20, 2012

"The book spoke to my heart, and brought tears to my eyes and humbly brought me back to the reality that our Lord never gives us what we can not handle." —as reviewed by Susann at on September 20, 2012

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