A Rocky Road: Devotions for Losing Weight, Hardcover
Format: Hardcover
Book Code: 0541
Pages: 120
Size: 6" x 8"
ISBN: 3948

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Despite what all the infomercials and advertisements say, there are no shortcuts, no magical pills or programs that can succeed in helping people lose weight and keep it off over the long haul. Ultimately, the effort to lose weight and become healthier is not a physical struggle, but a spiritual one. Author R. Lynn Frame integrates commonly accepted medical wisdom with biblical principles in ways that support and encourage those engaged in this struggle. Through daily devotional readings, dieters will learn about the principles, perspectives, and prescriptions that will help them make positive lifestyle changes in their determined efforts to shed those unwanted pounds.

Editorial Reviews:

"Her approach is at once candid and hopeful, discussing painful personal experiences while grounding those realities in the Christian promise of transformation. Readers should reach for this suprisingly reflective and thought-provoking daily devotional before reaching for the chocolate chip cookies."—Publishers Weekly

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