The Star Book on Preaching
Format: Hardcover
Book Code: 1230
Pages: 224
Size: 4" x 6"
ISBN: 9780817014926
PubDate: 2006

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Table of Contents

In the classic tradition of the #1, best-selling Star Book for Ministers, Judson Press offers a resource with a special focus on preaching. Without an emphasis toward any denomination and practical in its nature, the guide offers:

  • keys to an effective preaching ministry, including goals and outcomes of preaching
  • text and topic selection
  • information on various types of sermons
  • a look at different preaching styles such as narrative and first-person preaching
  • suggestions for sermon preparation
  • ideas for several sermon series
  • a full list of preaching resources to use as references

Featured are over a dozen sermon outlines on various topics. These outlines address:

  • developing key points and direction
  • effective introductions and closings
  • style and delivery
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