Christian Doctrines
Format: Hardcover
Book Code: J147
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817016432

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Updated with a new foreword by author and scholar James M. Dunn!


Christian Doctrines: A Compendium of Theology, by James M. Pendleton, is a theological classic. First published in 1878, it is still in demand today as it offers a systematic summary of the major theological doctrines by a pioneer American Baptist theologian. Each of the thirty chapters in this volume presents a major doctrine of historic Christianity. It also provides useful background for Baptist history and for current theological debate.

Editorial Reviews:

“Pendleton’s record of Landmark theology remains as a vital window into a Baptist movement the impact of which continues to be felt even in the twenty-first century.” — from the Foreword by Dr. James M. Dunn, Resident Professor of Christianity and Public Policy, Wake Forest University School of Divinity, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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