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So much has been said about September 11, 2001, a date on which the course of history was changed. In this volume, African American church leaders interpret the tragedy from a variety of compelling and inspirational perspectives. From powerful messages to provocative essays to inspirational prayers, these writings reverberate with many of the emotions felt throughout the country and the world. Contributors include T.D. Jakes, Michael Eric Dyson, Jesse Jackson Sr., Gardner C. Taylor, Calvin Butts and others.

Editorial Reviews:

“‘In times of terror, the African American pulpit has spoken with its clearest voice,’ writes Martha Simmons, co-editor (with Frank A. Thomas) of 9.11.01: African American Leaders Respond to an American Tragedy. Say ‘amen,’ somebody. This collection is everything that most other books on September 11 have tried to be but failed: cogent, piercing, inspirational, gritty. One essay in particular deserves mention: Peter Gomes's ‘Outer Turmoil, Inner Strength,’ delivered at Harvard University on September 23, may go down in history as one of the most eloquent, sensitive Christian responses to the attacks.” —Publishers Weekly

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