This section of our site is for Trade Customers only*. If you are not a trade customer, please proceed to the Product Catalog where you can start shopping.

Trade customers, to begin, identify yourself from one of the descriptions below and follow the corresponding instructions.

I have already registered online with Judson Press. Great! To begin, simply enter your email address and password in the Existing Customer Log In box below. This will take you to the Trade Services Information page. To start shopping simply click on Product Catalog and browse by category, or enter specific titles or authors in our Search box.

I am an existing Judson Press trade customer but have not registered with you online. Registration is easy! Click on Register Today. You will need your Judson Press Account number and billing Zip code. If you don't have your Account number (as indicated on any Judson Press statement or invoice), call 800-458-3766, and a customer service representative will assist you. Once you register, follow the instructions above.

I have never done business with Judson Press as a trade customer. Welcome! We thank you for your interest. The first thing you will need to do is to complete a credit application or call 800-458-3766 for assistance. Once your credit applicatioin has been approved and you have been given an Account number, you can register to order online by following the instructions above.

*Trade customers are those who purchase Judson Press books for resale, including bookstores, catalogs, distributors, and church bookstores.

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