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Nora J. Percival is a Hicksite Friend (Quaker) with a strong interest in Quaker process and history. She has held leadership positions in four different Quaker meetings in different parts of the country, as well as serving with regional, national, and international Quaker organizations. In addition, she is an experienced teacher/trainer, specializing in developing and delivering health education and professional-development programs for adults.

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Consensus in Faith Communities

Robert’s Rules of Order are almost as ubiquitous in faith organizations as the Bible itself. Have you ever wondered what if there were an alternative to shaping church decisions to simple majority voting? If so, this book by Marcia Patton and Nora Percival can help you transform your collective discernment and decision-making process to consensus. They offer easy-to-read, practical guidance on implementing consensus-seeking practices, as well as a theological grounding that will benefit clergy and laity alike. 

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