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Our Mission

Judson Press seeks to provide high quality resources designed to encourage, educate, and equip disciples of Jesus Christ as they strive to be like him and the church as a whole as it seeks to fulfill Christ’s mission in the world.

In particular, Judson publishes Christ-centered leadership resources for the transformation of persons, congregations, communities, and cultures.


  • Founded in 1824, Judson Press is a publishing ministry of the American Baptist Home Mission Societies, American Baptist Churches USA.
  • Judson Press currently has more than 350 books in print and releases approximately 12 new titles a year.
  • Distributed internationally, these resources can be found in churches, organizations, libraries, universities, and secular and Christian bookstores.
  • Published titles focus on African American issues, Christian living, Christian education, Baptist history and beliefs, church leadership, Bible study, preaching, pastoral ministry, and discipleship.
  • Judson Press has uniquely positioned itself within the African American Christian market. Having published several best-selling titles in this genre, the publishing house is considered by many to be one of recognized leaders in providing non-fiction Christian books of African American interest.

    “Judson Press has long been the publishing authority on the lived experience of African American Christianity.” —Publishers Weekly


  • Offer quality resources that uphold and advance the Baptist heritage and faith perspective.
  • Give voice to Christian communicators and value to Christian audiences who historically have been marginalized or ignored by the mainstream Christian media. 
  • Reach out in a variety of ways to strengthen relationships and provide resources for local American Baptist congregations.
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