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Rights and Permissions

Resources published by Judson Press are protected by copyright. A copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted by government for a limited time to protect the particular form, way or manner in which an idea or information is expressed. Copyright may subsist in a wide range of creative or artistic forms or “works,” including literary works, sound recordings, photographs, software, and more. Copyright is a type of intellectual property.

Written permission is required to reproduce selections or excerpts of copyrighted material published by Judson Press. Fees are determined based on the amount of material being used, the distribution of that material, and whether your usage is defined as commercial or non-commercial. All of our fees are established to compensate our authors fairly for further usage of their copyrighted material. Please note the following information does not apply to reprinting or translating an entire Judson Press publication.

Please first read the following information to determine if you need to submit a request for permission:

Non-Commercial Use Exceptions (Print Rights Only):

Permission is not required if you are quoting/reproducing fewer than 300 words from any Judson Press publication for a one-time non-commercial use, such as use within your church or personal/individual use.

If you fall within these guidelines, the following copyright notice must accompany all reprints: “Taken from (Name of Book) by (Author). Copyright ©(Date) by (Copyright Holder). Used by permission of Judson Press.”

All other inquiries require a written or electronically-submitted request.

Special Attention:
Before submitting your request, please pay special attention to the material you are requesting permission to use. Please note that Judson Press can not grant permission for any third party material (which is material used by permission of another source). You will need to contact the original publisher/author of the material to receive permission to quote any third-party or quoted material which appears in any of our publications.

TO PLACE A PERMISSIONS REQUEST, please contact our Permissions Department with information including:

  • The book title, author, and exact material you wish to reprint (ex: page numbers from the book, or a copy of the material)
  • How you would like to use this material
  • When you anticipate using this material
  • The best way to reach you

Please allow 6-8 weeks for a response. Every effort will be made to respond as soon as possible, or to accommodate specific due dates.

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