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ABC Reads

Books offer American opportunity for unity

ABC Reads brings American Baptists together through the power of a book. Sponsored by Judson Press, ABC Reads highlights a book that is appropriate for reading and discussion in small group settings as well as individually. The book provides an opportunity for learning, sharing and growing in knowledge and faith in Sunday school classes and Bible studies as well as in men, women and youth groups.


ABC Reads 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 ABC Reads selection The Revolutionary Power of the Lord's Prayer by Dr. Alice Burnette Greene offers today's Christian disciples new understanding of the potency and impact of the Lord's Prayer and the transformative effect it can have for sharing God's love in the world. While many Christians know the popular Scripture known as the Lord's Prayer, the true power of this deceptively simple yet significant model for prayer may often go unrealized. Exploring the lesser known version of the prayer from 


Luke's Gospel, the book urges readers to do the following:


  • Truly mean what is being prayed
  • Expect what is being prayed to happen
  • Believe that prayers have power in the name of Jesus
  • Believe that individuals can make a difference


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